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What Our Clients Say

Jane Doe

We first came to know Byron several years ago as his company’s truck appeared down the street working for a neighbor who had a terrible experience with a home remodeling contractor whose plumbers left an incomplete, malfunctioning system from water softeners, sinks and showers. Byron came in to repair and complete the poor jobs done by others after which our neighbors completely recommended Byron to us as we were on a path of remodeling parts of our home.
Over the last 4 years Byron has made himself available on short notice for common
repairs such as leaks and toilet fixture problems, he also installed a modern tank-less water heating system and removed the old tanks from our attic. We elected to replace the 50+ year old galvanized water pipes with the new evolution synthetic flexible pipes; we are very pleased with the crystal clear water and the function of the tank-less water heater. This was a job in the neighborhood of some 8,000 dollars and I have full satisfaction with every aspect of Byron’s work, he’s had a key to our house for extended periods of time, he always pays close attention to our dogs ensuring they are comfortable with his presence in our home when we are not there (2 large Golden Retrievers and the plumber home alone) is a testimony in and of itself.

Ansel Eshelman

I feel very comfortable recommending Byron to friends and neighbors as I’m sure he
would approach any job or customer with the same expertise and professionalism he has provided us over the years.

Nicole Herger

If you are looking for an honest, hardworking, knowledgeable plumber, Byron is your man. We have always been pleased with Byron Plumbing Services because he always responds to your needs quickly. He doesn’t quit until it is done right. He has helped us with a lot of problems that were created by a previous plumber and he has gone the distance fixing those problems and he will be with us for all our new problems! We love Byron!

Tania Oshman

Byron Gutierrez is both skilled and professional, capable of handling the most complicated plumbing installations and problems. He is reliable and responsible, responding to even the most minor problem quickly and courteously. I have never called Byron and received anything less than immediate attention, delivered with a smile. I feel perfectly comfortable leaving him to work in my home because he exemplifies the ideal of customer service. He treats my home as he would his own, protecting and cleaning up any area of the home in which he is working. He has spoiled me; I doubt I could find another plumber who could meet the high standards he has established for his company. During several remodeling projects, he illustrated his ability to plan for and achieve the desired results. If there were any unexpected occurrences, he handled them calmly and expertly and always tooks pains to make things as easy as possible for me.

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